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Magic The Gathering: War Of The Spark Booster Box

Magic The Gathering: War Of The Spark Booster Box

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Nicol Bolas's grip on Ravnica tightens as his army of Eternals ravages the city, plunging the guilds into chaos. With the fate of the Multiverse hanging in the balance, the Planeswalkers rally to confront the dragon tyrant in an all-out war.

Key Features:

  • 36 Planeswalker Cards: War of the Spark boasts an unprecedented 36 Planeswalker cards, showcasing iconic characters from across the Multiverse. From Jace and Liliana to Chandra and Gideon, every Planeswalker is ready to join the fray and battle for their world.

  • Epic Cinematic Story: Experience a narrative-driven card set like never before, with each card capturing a moment of the epic battle between the Gatewatch and Nicol Bolas. Dive into the rich lore of Magic: The Gathering as you witness the dramatic events unfold across Ravnica.

  • High-Stakes Gameplay: With everything on the line, every card pack holds the potential for thrilling gameplay and strategic depth. Build your deck, assemble your Planeswalker army, and unleash devastating spells and abilities as you fight for victory.

  • Collector's Dream: For collectors, War of the Spark is a treasure trove of coveted cards, including rare Planeswalkers, powerful spells, and stunning artwork. With 15 cards per booster pack and 36 booster packs in each box, there's plenty of excitement to uncover.

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